Tinkering with web design

I made a few changes to my web pages.

– Finally updated info on the libjit page about getting libjit sources from the git repository
– Removed wordpress blog that I never really used and that only was a target for spammers and linked this blog my static pages
– Modified style sheet for my static pages to use analogous color scheme
– Tinkered with the blog template to make it similar to my static pages

My initial style sheet used colors that I chose semi-randomly. I just put in some hex value with digits that looked good for me, then looked at the page in the browser and tried again until I more or less liked it. Time passed and I realized that my color choice was awful. I bothered to read about color schemes and went on with free online tool Adobe Kuler to create my new scheme. Immediately I liked the look of my site much better. Perhaps even with new colors I still will be a laughing stock for people more sensitive to design. I never was one, sorry. But right now I’m happy with my colors.

On the other hand I’m not completely happy with blogspot page template that I got. There are still some glitches. However I fixed the most irritating thing for me personally. I like to maximize my browser window to see at once as much of a page content as possible. But the width of the content area is too small in the default Blogger.com theme, it occupies but a narrow stripe in the middle of the window. I converted the template to elastic design that I use with my static pages and so the text now utilizes much more window space. For me this is a big win.

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